We have to stop meeting like this, you know to chat about ticks, but new stuff keeps popping we need to talk about. Today it is Powassan Encephalitis.

The AP reports the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention said that the state has recorded two cases of encephalitis caused by a tick-borne disease.  Officials announced Wednesday that the Maine CDC was notified last week of two cases of Powassan Encephalitis in adults in Maine's Mid Coast.

Powassan, also known as deer tick virus, has been around since 1958 when it was discovered in Powassan, Ontario. Symptoms that appear between a week to a month after a tick bite include fever, headache, vomiting, weakness, confusion, seizures and memory loss.

AP reports Maine has recorded nine cases, including these two, since 2000. State Epidemiologist Dr. Siiri Bennett said Mainers need to take precautions to avoid being bitten by ticks.

I know I talk about ticks alot. Not only are the gross the diseases they carry have effected my life.  Powassan was what took the life of a friend's mother a couple of years ago. Lyme has affected my life, the life of friends and was the reason my dear sweet CoffeeDog passed away in 2006.

Avoid the little blood suckers.

How to avoid them? The Maine CDC has a bunch of info. But just search online or in Pinterest there will be a TON of ideas and suggestions.  I don't really care how to you do it, but learn about ticks, learn about how they get around, the different types, how to remove them and do a daily tick check.

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