Northern Pike are a coolwater species, found mostly in nutrient rich lakes and ponds, such as Sebago lake, as well as larger, slow moving rivers. Although they are a fresh water fish, northern pike can survive in weak brackish water. They thrive where water is relatively shallow and an abundance of rooted vegetation provides important spawning, nursery, and adult foraging habitat.

Because of their size potential (adult pike can grow up to 42 inches long) and status as a major sportfish elsewhere, northern pike have become increasingly popular with Maine anglers. The winter months appear to serve up the pike much more than the spring and summer.

Facebook user Brady Ouellette was ice fishing on Sebago Lake earlier this week when he got a bite on one of his lines. He could tell this was a big one. After reeling in the monster, which was measured at 38 inches long and weighing 19 pounds, Brady got some pics, and sent the big guy back on his way, unharmed.

In just 2 days, his post on Facebook has been shared over 300 times. Nice catch Brady!.

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