At least he showered before putting on someone else's clothes.

35 year old Derek Tarbox had quite the Sunday. York County Sheriff Bill King said police arrested him, and according to WMTW, is accused of a laundry list of items.  Things like stealing a car, running out of gas, stealing a second car, crashing the car, breaking into a home, eating food and then taking a shower, dressing in another person's clothes and watching TV in their home.

Think that's wild? According to Sheriff King, A person came home on Bennet Hill Road in Waterboro, where they found Tarbox inside watching television and in their clothes. Not thrown off, Tarbox told the person that he thought the house belonged to a friend. Then, he convinced the person to drive him to another house in Hollis. "The caller (person) thought the scenario was unusual, but plausible, so he agreed to drive the man to a house in Hollis, according to King.

Tarbox was eventually caught in Limerick, still wearing the clothes he changed into. He is in court Wednesday and was being held on $8,000 bail.

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