“I Got Hose,” inspired by the song “Area Codes” by Ludacris and Nate Dogg, was posted Friday on the fire department’s page on Facebook.

The video has had more than 5000 views reports WGME. The department also told them the video started its creation after a quick collaboration by two of the firefighters.
The person most responsible your the creative aspects was 21-year-old Conner Boucher. He created the lyrics. Several of the members from the department helped with the filming and acting.
In a news release according to Boucher, "The video was originally shown at the New Gloucester Fire & Rescue Annual banquet on April 1st. Due to the response and quality, we posted it to the department's Facebook page,".
"We have done other marketing videos in the past, but nothing to this quality. It's amazing to see the response and where it has been seen," added Captain Doyle.
The department says Boucher loves the ELLEN Show and hopes to make it on there because of his video. He started #GetConnorOnEllen to see if he could get her attention.

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