Okay folks, you have to admit that making it all the way to November, 25th before we had talk talk about the possibility of slick travel in Central Maine is pretty impressive.

According to News Center Maine, the system won't effect much of tomorrow's Thanksgiving Day travel but it could certainly pose some risks for people that are out and about today. The slow moving system will hover over much of the state today generating some snow showers for much of the state during the morning hours. Central Maine could see light coatings of snow in certain areas while northern Maine is expected to see a few inches of the white stuff.

Eventually as the day progresses the snow will make the changeover to rain beginning first on the immediate coast and working it's way inland. While this isn't going to be a storm to write home about (can you imagine drafting a letter to your parents about snow?) it could still cause some travel issues if you're not careful.

Let's talk for a moment about the morons behind the wheel, shall we? You know the ones I'm talking about, right? These are the people who have lived and driven in Maine their entire lives but for some strange reason, between May and December, they completely forget how to drive in the snow. This is an alert to all the people that forgot that snow is in fact slippery when it hit the road and that, if you're not careful, you could go sailing off into the abyss. So take er' easy out there big fella, and use a little bit of caution!

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