It will never get old. Ever. Once again we can say "The New England Patriots are AFC Champions and are headed for another Super Bowl!"

It seems funny to utter those words, "once again." We as fans have become so used to playoff football here in New England we honestly don't k now what it's like to not have a Championship season. We have no idea how it feels for a season to be over in December. We have no idea how much people are sick of seeing Tom Brady and the New England Patriots win time after time. Sure, we can remember what it feels like to lose a game. But those feelings are few and far between. In fact, the last time a Patriots loss really hurt was...wait for last year's Super Bowl. But hey guess what, we'll be there again on February 3rd!

Ii times like these when I'm glad YouTube is around so we can see how the other side lives. We can witness the heartbreak as it happened in these videos from Kansas City Chiefs fans.

Be warned that these videos are soaked with NSFW language and a lot of hate towards our beloved Patriots...still, they're so fun to watch.

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