With every passing day, Maine gets more doses of the coronavirus vaccine.  Sure, it is not as many doses as we were hoping for, but we are getting to the point where we can move to the next phase.  And, as more of the in-development vaccines get approval, we will see a flood of vaccine doses coming into the state.

As we get more doses of the vaccine, we will eventually move from Phase 1, where front-line workers and the elderly get it)  to Phase 2.  In Phase 2, teachers, essential workers, prison workers, and people with moderate risks will get the vaccine.  Then, on to Phase 3.  That’s when the average person can get the vaccine.   WMTW has a great breakdown of the phases.

We are still waiting to hear exactly how the average person will get the vaccine.  Will you schedule a time to get your vaccine?  Will it be “first-come, first-served”?  Does that mean we’ll have long lines of people waiting in the cold to get their inoculation?  Let’s hope not.

We know that some businesses have already been approved by the Centers for Disease Control, and other health organizations, to be vaccination facilities.  A few weeks ago, Hannaford, for example, made the announcement they had been approved to distribute the vaccine.

But, what if we end up getting the mass quantities of the vaccine we are all hoping for?  While we all love Hannaford, can you imagine what a cluster that could create in their tiny pharmacy area?

The answer could lie in vacant storefronts!

According to Patch, a now closed K-Mart is West Orange, New Jersey is being repurposed as a vaccination center.

Will we soon see Maine do the same thing?  Obviously, some of the K-Mart already have new tenants, or soon will.  But, sadly, we have an abundance of large, empty storefronts in Maine.  Including an empty K-Mart in Augusta.

To our knowledge, there has been no discussion of this...  yet.  Who knows, it could happen.

What are your thoughts on this?  Also, when the pandemic is over, what would you like to see go into these old K-Mart locations.

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