By now, we're all super familiar with New Maine News on facebook, a hilarious Onion-style parody of Maine and our amazing people. Well, most of us are familiar with it. Creator Seth Macy still fools a few people with his hilarious headlines, and has even duped a few people into thinking that the stories were real.

ESPN Radio reported that a high school basketball "way up in Maine" had to be cancelled "because the ball got stuck behind the wood stove." Seriously, that actually got reported on national radio.

And then there was the kid who peeled out his tires right in front of a cop, because he believed the story he read online that the Maine Supreme Court ruled that burning rubber "was a protected form of first amendment speech."

Yeah, it really is that funny.

But this weekend, there was an actual real Maine news headline in the Bangor Daily News that caused people to wonder if it was really real, or really New Maine News.

Yup... this one's real!

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