Blogger and dad of three, Burt Fulks, created the X-plan. And it is exactly what is sounds like. He told his teen kids that if they are EVER in a situation that they don't want to be in, or are afraid and need to leave, to text the letter X. When one of the parents receive the letter 'X' they know it's time to go. After the message is received the parents are to then CALL the teen and make up a story about why they're coming to get them. That way, it seems as if it is someone else making them leave as opposed to risking being made fun of or being bullied for wanting out of a certain situation. After the child is safely in the car, Burt says that there are no questions asked. It can be tough to not know everything going on in his kids' lives, but he would rather them ask for help, then not at all.

The X-plan is a couple years old, and while not everyone uses it or ever knows what it is, it may be a great sit-down conversation to have with your kids- or parents!

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