There is a good chance the State of Maine could be holding money that belongs to you!  Technically, the state doesn't really owe you money, the state's treasury is simply holding on to the money that belongs to you.

In fact, according to WABI, as of the beginning of the summer, the State of Maine has over five million accounts on record.  Together, those five million accounts contain over $291 million dollars.

The average amount owed is about $530.  The largest amount the state is holding on to is about $1.3 million!

Where does the money come from?  It comes from a mix of source including abandoned bank accounts (basically, accounts you forgot you had), unpaid wages, uncashed checks, safe deposit box contents, etc.

You can find out if the state owes you money by clicking HERE

With inflation the way it is, can you afford to let the state keep your money?  Yeah, we didn't think so.

Last year, I did a search for my name and was surprised that I was owed $60.  I assumed that my search would come up empty.  Nope!  The money owed was from a source I would never have considered.  It was a refund from an overcharge that I had paid for a dental appointment for one of my kids.  So, keep in mind, this money can come from really unexpected places!

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