I stumbled across this incredible yurt on Air BnB and I had to show you all. If you are looking for a romantic getaway or a family fun weekend in the forest, this is your spot to go!

It is called, "Birdsong Yurt" and I understand why. When you're staying in a beautiful spot so high up in the mountains, the only music you'll want to listen to is that of the beautiful birds singing their morning songs.

As the description states, it is "truly a special lodging experience" that you will soon not forget. This particular yurt is on one acre of private land, assuring you of your peace and quiet.

air bnb
Air bnb

There is a deck to watch sunrises and sunsets by the fireplace.

The space within this yurt is certainly not average by any means. It's a 30-foot "Great Lakes" yurt. They have refurbished and improved the space with updates and their are many wow-factors.

This, "Luxury Mountain View Yurt" located in Woodstock, Maine will bring you buckets of peace.

From the interior design, to the architecture of the building, this yurt will make you feel like your in a world of luxury calmness.

air bnb
Air bnb

It's cozy and can sleep 2-4 people. It includes a full kitchen and has a bathroom with a stand-up shower!

The most recent addition is the hot tub that was just installed! Who wouldn't want to climb into their bathing suit and then climbing into that tub. I know I would.

Below I have provided all of the photos of the interior and exterior of this magical yurt in the mountains!

You can check out the listing here and have fun on your journey!

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