According to the hottest trend in ink is bakewear. Truthfully, an alternative headline for this article could have been "A Bunch Of People Are Getting Very Colorful Pyrex Tattoos"

Many people love their collection of vintage Pyrex—but do you love the whimsical patterns enough to tattoo them (forever!) on your body? According to some vintage Pyrex superfans, the answer is absolutely. Over the past few years, Pyrex-inspired body art has become a thing, with images popping up periodically on Instagram and Pinterest. Some introduce the floral designs into an armband, while others incorporate the motifs into a full sleeve. Others take the trend more literally, and instead of getting the pattern, tattoo an entire stack of Pyrex bowls into their forearm. And even those who claim to not be "tattoo people" are considering a tattoo homage to their favorite vintage bakeware. So yeah, for both sentimental and purely aesthetic reasons people began tatting those famous Pyrex designs onto their bodies at some point during the last few years. A few people mention the closeness and closure it gives them with their grandmas. Others just love the whimsy of it all. Some of these Pyrex-inspired tats are means of bonding with other people who also are willing to get Pyrex-themed permanent body art. Because those who wake up and say "Hey, should we get tattoos of extremely vintage bakewear patterns together?" stay together.

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