Yea yea, I caca is good fertilizer.  I get it.  However, unless you are putting it your poop is, not only smelly, but unsightly as well.  I've seen several people complain on Facebook about the amount of 'droppings' along Route 17 in Windsor/Whitefield.

So...according to Bangor Daily riders, on OOB, might soon be required to have their horses wear horse diapers (aka: manure containment bags).  I know, I've never seen a horse on OOB.  But, horses are allowed from October 1st - March 31st with a valid permit.  Currently, it is only required that riders pick up the manure or else they will receive a fine.

Reaching a little closer to home, there has been an abundance of horse cocky left on the side of the road, along Route 17.  I've has other locals to the Windsor/Whitefield area.

Some argue that horse poop is a great fertilizer, which is true, and that it washes away easily, which is not so true.  I've see piles sitting there for weeks before they are successfully washed away.

horse poop
In front of driveway of Windsor resident

But, what about the residence where stacks of dung are being left in front of driveways?  While this isn't a nuisance to obviously is to the  home owners and residents.  Why should these residents have to accept such gifts and tolerate the aftermath?  Smell.  Mess of driving through it.

All riders should be required to pick up the poop or put a manure containment bag on the horse.  This would be an EASY solution that would make EVERYBODY happy.

Don't get me wrong...or the others in the community who complain about horse poo.  I welcome our new Amish community.  I support them.  In fact, I purchase fruits and vegetables from them...that possibly was fertilized by manure.

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