Every year, the Maine Legislature tackles dozens and dozens of bills.  Sometimes, these bills are real game changers.  Ya' know, the kind that, if signed into law, will affect the way we live our lives.

In recent years, our elected leaders have dealt with whether or not to allow Sunday hunting (several times), legalizing marijuana for recreational use, and several bills dealing with the government's powers during an emergency (like a global pandemic).

Often, these bills, while they are still important, are fairly mundane or they only affect a small portion of the state's over one million residents.

On Monday, a series of new laws went into affect.  WCSH 6 did a good job of listing the new laws.  We have taken the time to break down and highlight a few of the more notable laws.  Take a look:

New Maine Laws In 2022

On Monday, August 15th, 2022 nearly two dozen new laws went into effect. Here are some of the highlights

As you can see, there were nearly two dozen new laws in total and most of them are far from earth-shattering.  Many of the bills from this round cover climate education, healthcare, and how the value of a retail facility is determined.  That being said, many cover important issues and the spending on those issues.

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