The National Weather Service and the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration is warning that this summer could be even hotter than normal... and summers have already been getting hotter and hotter every year.

According to the National Weather Service, we could break heat records this summer in the Northeast part of our country, including Maine.

Schools are letting out, Memorial Day is nearly here, and for many Americans that means  the unofficial start of summer. And if it's summer, then it 's time to start paying attention to the risk of extreme heat. According to NOAA’s summer outlook, most of the United States is favored to have a hotter than average summer in 2017. Only in the Great Plains do forecasters think the chances for a cool or a normal summer are equal to the chances of a hot summer. Everywhere else—from Alaska to southern California, and from Maine to Texas—odds are tilted toward well above average warmth. The absolute highest chances for a much warmer than usual summer are in Hawaii. (see the large version of the map below for Hawaii and Alaska.)"


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