It's kinda like Airbnb for connect those with a thirst for adventure with the best guides in New England. It is  Love the name.  According to their website this is how it works:

“Find your adventure: Looking for something better than ordinary? Ditch the crowds with a local expert and experience the rewards of trying something new. Browse, compare, and book with ease.”

“Host an adventure: Design, host, get paid. It’s that simple–you get to create your own dream job. Earn money doing what you love, and let us handle the marketing.”  OK….if you are offering certain services you may need to be a Registered Maine Guide or have the proper permits or whatever.  You need to be legit.

“Connect with others: Meet new people, explore hidden destinations, and join an active community dedicated to chasing dreams, pushing limits, and finding the road not taken.”

Cool.  Check out the adventures you can find. It is summer in New England enjoy it all you can!

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