Oh but, Renee ‘what is an abracadabra day’?  It is a self-declared holiday.  Here is the story...

I remember reading a book that had this as part of the story. From my Googling of this…I believe it was Mr. Mysterious & Company.

The two facts I remember were the dad was a magician and ‘Abracadabra Day’.

In the story ‘Abracadabra Day’ is a day the child chooses and they could do practically anything they wanted, without getting in trouble.

Really, how does that idea not stick with you?

So, last Friday (3/31) I took my version of an Abracadabra Day!  So I slept in, did a few projects around the house and ShadowDog and I took a nice walk in the woods.

Thank goodness for a workplace that I have a generous allotment of paid time off, I have this luxury.

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