Moody’s Diner - just those words and you start dreaming of yummy whoopie pies, home style breakfast, seafood dinners, frappes (real ones), pies and donuts just like Bertha Moody used to make.

Moody’s diner has been a fixture on Route 1 in Waldoboro Maine since the 1920s when Percy and Bertha Moody decided it might be a good place to open a diner. The business also has cabins for rent and a gift shop to find that special item for friends who are lucky enough to live in Maine. It features some of the original booths and a Formica counter for dining.

I went to Moody’s for breakfast this past week. I’ve gotten take out there since the whole COVID-19 pandemic, but I hadn’t actually eaten in the diner. I’m happy to report that the food and service are still amazing. In addition to that, they take the requirements mandated by our governor very seriously. They have plexiglass between the booths and a smaller menu that is laminated and cleaned between diners. There are no condiments on the table, but the waitress will ask what you would like and will bring them to you as requested. I felt confident it was clean and safe.

Moody's Diner Breakfast

It was a breath of fresh air to be able to get breakfast at Moody’s  once again. I sat there sipping my coffee watching the traffic go by on route one grateful that at least some thing felt normal in 2020. So if you’re looking for good food, friendly servers and a diner doing their best to provide a safe environment, head on over to Moody’s!

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