I had the pleasure of visiting Flight Deck Brewing located in Brunswick, Maine this past weekend. Flight Deck Brewing is everything you want in a local brewery. The location is great, the beer is amazing, they have a food truck available Tuesday through Sunday and they allow dogs!

Flight Deck - Former Naval Air Station Brunswick Maine

Flight Deck is located where the small arms range used to be on the former Brunswick Naval Air Station. It only opened four years ago and has already been named Best in Maine two times for its tasting room.

Upon arriving at the brewery you pass the brew kettles, two of which are named Maverick and Goose. Perhaps you get the movie reference for this! You get the opportunity to see the equipment used for making this delightful beer which just adds to the fun atmosphere.

On this day I enjoyed Remove Before Flight, a red ale, while my wife sampled M.A.D. Boom - a maple brown ale. Other options include Sub-hunter Triple Threat and P-3.

The names of the beers are a nod to the brewery’s location. The coast is no longer patrolled by the P-3 Orion looking for enemy subs, but not that long ago you could be hanging out Popham Beach and they would fly overhead just doing their job.

Flight Deck Brewing is a great place to hang out with a friend and have a few beers. You can either sit inside or out and bring your dog as well. Good friends. Good beer. Man’s best friend. What more can you ask for?


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