According to a press release from the Maine State Police, a tractor-trailer loaded with wine sideswiped a turnpike pickup truck at about 9:45 this morning.

The driver and passenger of the pickup were out of the vehicle collecting construction signs when the accident occurred.  As the tractor-trailer drifted off the road, it hit the rumble strip.  This alerted the workers, giving them enough time to dive into the ditch.

After the truck sideswiped the pickup, it rolled over into the ditch, strewing wine bottles across the ground.

Even though one of the workers was injured and had to be treated at the hospital, their quick reaction prevented the situation from being way more serious.

The driver of the truck, 59 year old William Rodney Harrington, of Hartford (Connecticut), was summonsed for a logbook violation and failure to move over.

We're glad to hear that no one was seriously injured in the accident.

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