Here’s your chance to get a taste of the life that Queen Elizabeth, Prince Phillip, Prince Charles, Prince William, and Kate Middleton live.  You can spend the night in an actual castle, right here in the State of Maine.

According to Only In Your State, and the establishment’s website, Joseph Stearns, the builder and first owner of what is now known as the Norumbega Inn, was inspired by the castles of Europe.  Stearns, who had spent a lot of time traveling through Europe, built the house in Camden in 1886.

The mansion was a private home for nearly 100 years when, in 1984, it was purchased and turned into a B&B.  In 2013, it was purchased by its current owners, Susan Walser and Phillip Crispo.

The Norumbega Inn features eleven rooms, many of which are named after famous castles.  Arundel, Kensington, Canaervon, Windsor, Balmoral, and Versailles, for example.

Even though staying at the inn will make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time, each room still has all the modern amenities.  Each room has its own bathroom (many with intricate tile work and ornate claw foot bathtubs), gas fireplaces, flat screen TV, cable, wifi access, and Bluetooth wireless speakers.

And, since one of the owners has spent the last three decades working in some of the best restaurants in America, you can believe the cuisine is top-notch.

Take A Peak Inside Camden's Norumbega Inn

Staying at the Norumbega Inn is like staying at a castle. But, instead of making the trip to Europe, all you have to do is drive to Camden.

Want to book a mini-vacation?  Get more details by calling them at 207.236.4646 or by visiting their website:

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