Bangor has some very old buildings, some of them very historic.

The Bangor Opera House turned 100 this year. And what a year of course.

If you would like to become a permanent part of Bangor history, the history of the Bangor Opera House and the history of the Penobscot Theatre Company, here is your opportunity to become a Centennial Patron. Penobscot Theatre is seeking 100 private individuals or families to become Centennial Patrons. They are looking for you to donate $1,000 or more in honor of the 100th Anniversary.  Here is the link to donate.

Yes indeed a lofty goal.  However, good news.  They have already had 64 people step up, so they very close to two-thirds of the way to the goal. If you can become a Centennial Patron, your name will be displayed on a permanent bronze plaque by the entrance to the Bangor Opera House.

Imagine in the past 100 years, all the performers that have been on that stage.  The number of families and friends who have sat in the audience over 100 years. Amazing.

Here’s to a bright future as Bangor’s Opera House goes into their second century

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