Of course there are dozens of other states that have more active cases and a higher death total from coronavirus than Maine does, but based on the formula and metrics they use to calculate the spread of the virus per capita, Maine is in first place and it's not a race we want to be winning.

According to the Kennebec Journal, the 'reproduction rate' of COVID-19 in Maine has surpassed every other state in the nation. The COVID Tracking Project has a formula they use to figure out how many people are being infected by every single infected person. According to them, if the 'R' number is greater than a value of 1.0, it means the virus is 'spreading quickly'. An 'R' number that is less than 1.0 would be an indication that the viral infection rate is slow(ing).

Currently, Maine's R number is calculated at 1.43 which is higher than anywhere else. This indicated to officials that people who are already infected are passing the infection to almost 1.5 other people during the course of their illness. However, Maine is not alone on this growing R number trend. Nearby states like New Hampshire and Vermont are also seeing similar alarming statistics in their states, too.

The best thing we can do is just to remain vigilant in our fight against this virus. Do what the experts at the CDC suggest and, most importantly, if you're feeling under the weather in any way- just stay home!

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