Tis the season...Fa la la bla bla bla.  There's no hiding from it!  People are already putting up their Christmas decorations...even though we haven't even celebrated Thanksgiving yet!  But, I'm feeling a little more festive than usual and want to start decorating too.  But I want to change things up a bit...

I'm not sure how or what I will do.  I have a fake Christmas tree.  I'm contemplating getting a real one this year.  Then I ask myself 'why?'  Such a hassle.

    • Cutting it down
    • Making it fit
    • Watering it
    • Needles dropping
    • Hauling it away

If smelling an authentic pine tree is my goal, I can burn a candle...right?  But even with all that said, I'm still considering the option of a real tree.  What can I say?  I like to torture myself...ha ha ha...I mean my husband.

Next...should I change up the lights?  I need to buy new ones this year, anyway.  What should I go for?  I love how clear lights look so pure and simple.  But, twinkling colored lights, I feel are more festive.

To add to my dilemma, I have a Christmas village to set up this year...I don't even have where to begin with that....might hire someone to set it up for me.  I see the kids replacing the baby Jesus with Lego Darth Vader.  (Story of my life)

Which do you prefer?  Real or fake?  Clear or colored?

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