Sure, this morning in Maine started with a couple two hour delays and some inconvenient morning commutes, but it looks like this may be child's play compared to what is on the way this weekend.

According to News Center Maine's Keith Carson, the storm in question for this coming weekend is what he and his meteorological weenies (his words not mine) call a 'Miller Type A' storm. What the heck is that?

Well, according to Carson, this is a type of storm where the low-pressure system develops down in the southeast United States and then comes chugging up the eastern seaboard into New England territory.

If the models are spot on, and Keith believed they likely are, the storm will begin forming over Maine Friday night and become a 'monster storm' by Saturday morning. Again, his words, not mine.

Now, how much snow will this monster dump over Maine? Early estimates indicate a lot.. Like over a foot kind of a lot. But don't take my word for it, this is what Keith Carson said in his weather blog,

Now, if you are any version of a weather nerd, you can look at that image and realize what it would mean. It's a blizzard. It's a crush job. It's easily a foot plus.


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