In a time when outbreaks are becoming more common in the United States and around the world, the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention are urging Maine residents to ignore a flyer that has been circulating around the state which has false and incorrect information about vaccinations according to a story on

The CDC of Maine is warning residents that the flyer lists the CDC's website as which is incorrect. That should be your first red flag about this flyer. The official website for the Center is The flyer also has a list of “known vaccine side effects” but there are no credible sources provided according to the article. In fact one of the "side effects" on the list is meningitis, which is a very serious infection that the vaccine actually prevents.

Maine CDC director Bruce Bates says the flyers have been circulating around big box stores mostly in southern Maine, adding that the flyers are not endorsed by the CDC and everyone should “disregard it.”


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