I first let you know about this last month. At the time it was just a test by BK to see how well a meatless, plant based protein burger would do. Well, apparently it was such a huge success that BK is going to roll it nationwide by the end of this year!

If this is all new news to you....Burger King put out a video to introduce us all to ...The Impossible Whopper serving the Impossible Whopper instead of the original Whopper, and what do people think of this meatless creation? Well, take a look HERE.

According to a report by thespoon one of the interesting things is the manufacturer of the "impossible meatless burger"  is having a tough time keeping up with demand...now just wait till BK rolls these out to 7000 plus more restaurants!

However when it does finally roll into Maine, I'll like up to try one, just to see for myself. Keep in mind it will cost about a buck more for the experience.

But hey..YOLO right!

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