When you think of the epitome of premium Maine real estate, you think of nothing less than oceanfront. That's exactly what we find here in the heart of beautiful Boothbay Harbor, Maine.

Brokered by William Raveis Real Estate, I found this beautiful home on Realtor.com. It's listed as a 3,774 square foot tradition coastal New England home and it's located on Spruce Point. Inside you'll find plenty of open spaces, a gorgeous kitchen with a massive island, a killer-view sitting room and a grand piano room. The home also boasts 3 bedrooms and 3.5 baths.

If you're wondering what this quaint little coastal property sitting on .48 of an acre will cost you, it's listed at $2,285,000.00. Let's break that down into monthly payments, shall we? After all, that's what it's really about, isn't it? We're Americans. We don't care about the total cost of something we want, we just want to know how long we can finance it and how low we can get those freakin' payments to go.

Well, at $0 down and a 30 year fixed rate of 3.516%, you'd have a gentle monthly payment of $13,747. Maybe just ask your boss if there's a little overtime you could grab each month? Or do a bottle drive at Hussey's or something? I'm sure this is doable.

Let's get a little aggressive and toss some serious coin down. Let's pretend we're tossing a cool million down on this dope coastal crib. Once you give the bank your 7-figure check as a down payment, you're only looking at 360 easy payments of $7,287.00! Wow, talk about affordable. And, if you call now, we'll let you keep the Kirby vacuum from 1993. Whoa!

Okay- now that we've played around with the numbers on a house none of will ever own (if you do you better invite me over), let's take a gander on the inside.

Boothbay Harbor Coastal Retreat

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