All the problems of the world have been problem that is plaguing customers of Bolley's Famous Franks, in Waterville.  It all comes down to...crinkle cut vs. straight cut french fries.

According to the Kennebec Journal, patrons of the eatery are not happy with the change the new owners, Leslie and Jim Parsons, have made to the french fries.  The change?  Changing from crinkle cut to straight cut.  Does the shape of the fry really change the joy that comes from eating them?

Owner Jim Parsons says customers are becoming so angry over the change, which has been a long standing tradition at Bolley's, that they are threatening violence.  Leslie Parsons took to Facebook to make this statement:

It all comes down to cost.  It's the same potato...just cut differently.  Tell us what you think.  Give us feedback on Facebook.


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