Springtime in Maine means lots of different things to lots of different people. For some, it means getting out and finally getting all that dreaded yard work done. For others, it could signal the annual start of their seasonal side-hustle like wedding photography or running a food truck. And to others, it could mean that it's finally time to get back outside and enjoy nature in Maine by going on some early-season hikes.

Now, just to be clear, you can take this hike in the early-spring in April or even in the chilly frozen-over month of January. However, we think it's a little more enjoyable in a t-shirt with the warm rays of the pre-summer-sun shining on your back through the branches of the tall pines.

Situated deep in the New Gloucester woods in Southern Maine, the Big Falls Preserve offers hikers a pretty easy 1.7 mile walk with some astoundingly gorgeous views along the way. According to Only In Your State, the 1.7 mile hike takes you around the 'Big Falls Loop' trail and is a fairly easy hike, though you may encounter rocks so plan your footwear accordingly!

Depending on how rainy it has been the brooks and streams may also be audible as your enter the trail and hear the crystal-clear waters roaring in the distance. The trail follows old Woodman Road before winding visitors through a 40-acre preserve full of trees, wildlife and plenty of scenic views. Hikers, once into the heavily wooded portion, will walk along the stream before eventually coming up on the waterfall (Big Falls).

Oh, and while you're on your beautiful Maine hike at Big Falls, don't forget to look for the abandoned 1957 Plymouth that was somehow left to rust in the middle of the Maine woods. To start your hike, put 381 Woodman Road into your GPS and that should get your pretty close to loop trail head.

Happy hiking and don't forget to send along your photos!

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