Located at 424 Hanson Road in China, if you're not intentionally looking for it, you'll never find it. That's just one of the things that makes this Central Maine tree farm so special.

Every year, Keri, the kids and I pile into the truck to go cut down our Christmas tree for the season. Each year we also try to visit a new tree farm in the area. However, now we may have to return to the same one next year- it was just that awesome.

Start by pulling in to a modest little parking area that over looks acres and acres of beautiful trees. Get out, and you're immediately greeted and handed your supplies for your tree hunt. You get a saw, of course, plus you also get a custom tarp that doubles as a pad to lay on while cutting your tree and then a makeshift sled to haul your chosen tree back with. Once you return to 'base camp' they will net your tree up nice and tight and offer to load it in, or on, your car for you.

But we're not done yet. After all of this is over, you're probably going to be a little cold, right? How about some free hot cocoa and cookies for everyone. Yep, everyone who gets their tree at Ben & Molly's gets to go into the lodge after the harvest and enjoy delicious cocoa and fresh baked cookies by a roaring fire. Do this all while enjoying seemingly endless Christmas decorations and music- oh, and a cat, too!

No matter what your tree traditions are, I encourage you to support local business and check out one Central Maine's fine tree farms, especially Ben & Molly's.

Merry Christmas!

Ben & Molly's Christmas Trees





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