It's super-tough work being a police officer right now. That's why, whenever we get the chance, we tip our hats to the fine law enforcement officers here in Central Maine. And today, we get to do it again.

Imagine responding to a normal call during a normal shift, but the call ends up changing your life. That's what happened to one Augusta Police Officer and one incredibly adorable puppy.

According to a post from the Augusta Police Department Facebook Page this all began on Thursday, July 16th, when officer Rogers was dispatched to a call about an abandoned puppy who appeared to be injured. That same night, officer Rogers brought the puppy to a local vet to have the injuries checked out. After that, Rogers was asked if she could stop back in periodically throughout the night to check in on the puppy until the humane society opened the next day. She gladly obliged even spending her lunch (in the middle of the night) break with the pup.

To assist with shelter overcrowding, Officer Rogers and her family volunteered to foster the puppy in their own home until the dog was able to go up for adoption. They kept the dog at home and when the day came that the puppy was eligible for adoption they just couldn't let it go. Officer Rogers and her family made the adoption of their new four-legged furry friend official on August 18th!

Thank you Officer Rogers for not only being a great officer to the people of Augusta but also the animals of Augusta, too. We hope you and your family enjoy life with this new little puppy. It all goes to show you that you never know how your next call could change your life forever.

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