Well, this is embarrassing. At this time last fall I was vowing to keep our garage neat enough to park in, and it worked! The winter of 2017 was easier thanks to parking out of the weather and in the garage. That was a year ago, Honey.  Today it seems that the "situation" is worse than ever! Do you have a mannequin waiting to become a floor lamp in your garage? NO? I do! We also found a massive collection of swim noodles. Mark says it was a thousand, we whittled it down to four that have LED lights in them. I buy tables and chairs to re-do. Guess how many I have successfully completed? You are correct, none. I have a chair that I paid five bucks for in the back of my truck right now. I'm too afraid to put it in the garage and add to my furniture pile. Mark just doesn't share my vision. The truth? We don't have room for more furniture, why do I do this?! it's a really cool chair though... Our lawn mowers and kids bikes, (most that they have outgrown), share the coveted space with cracked winter sleds, bags and bags of potting soil, dog beds destined for the dump and bags meant for Goodwill that have been in residence for at least five months. Our garage is not presentable for our vehicles. We are chipping away at it with runs to the dump and Goodwill, but it's a drag, man.

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