I guess I just don't get the fascination everyone has to seem with these frozen circular hunks of ice in Maine. I mean, maybe the first one a year or two ago in Saco- or was it Westbrook? But hasn't the newness worn off of these things yet? I guess not.

According to the Morning Sentinel, Skowhegan resident Mark Nickerson has a home that directly overlooks the new Skowhegan phenomenon. According to witnesses, the disk began forming several days ago, and though not yet rotating like the one in Westbrook did, it has gotten significantly larger since it began forming last week.

Nickerson went on to say that in his 25 years of living at that location, he, nor his wife, ever remember seeing anything like this before. The disk is located in the Kennebec River near Skowhegan's Big Eddy.

If you're into this sort of thing, it may be worth a road trip before we get a January thaw and the ol' girl disappears!


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