Unfortunately, as horrible as it is, it's the truth. Malaysian Air Lines fired a 25 year veteran flight attendant because she climbed to 133 pounds, exceeding the companies 132 pound weight limit for her height. According to Fox News, she's 5' 2".

Melissa Hassim had worked for the airline for 25 years before she was terminated in 2017 for the one pound weight gain. She decided to sue the airline for unfair dismissal, but on Valentine's Day an Industrial Court of Malaysia ruled in favor of the airline.

Malaysian Air said that Melissa was given 18 months to lose the pound she had gained and even received help from a doctor, but missed several scheduled weigh-ins.

Malaysian Air Lines said in a statement,

“As cabin crew, apart from maintaining the appearance as set by the company, you are also responsible to ensure the safety of our passengers while in flights. Being front liners in uniform, cabin crew cast an unforgettable image in the minds of our valued guests. With this policy in place, the airline will see healthier cabin crew who will project an image befitting that of the world’s best cabin staff as well as for ensuring the passengers’ safety when the necessity arises.” 

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