Freedom, that is what we all fight for. That is what my Poppy fought for and you're ancestors fought and died trying to protect, is our freedom.

We often take so much granted. Just being able to simply step outside and feel the sun on our faces. The ability to wake up each morning and have freedom to choose what you'd like to do. We have the ability to breath and eat food. We have a place to call home and access to clean water.  We are free to go to our bank to take out our own money.

These are some things that we as Americans take for granted because we are used to it.

As we all know, Ukraine and Russia are currently are war. On February 24th Russia invaded the country of Ukraine and started to bomb them. The shelling and bombings have only gotten worse, they are targeting homes, humans, and the entire civil infrastructure of the country.

As of now, according to Rescue.Org, over 1 million people have escaped the country and have fled to neighboring countries to seek refuge.

“In the cities and streets of Ukraine today, innocent civilians are bearing witness to our Age of Impunity, The fact that 1 million refugees have already been forced to flee is a grim testament to barbaric military tactics taking aim at homes and hospitals.”

said IRC president and CEO David Miliband.

People shouldn't have to escape their homes, ever, because leaders aren't agreeing on something. Now, many civilians are fighting for their wives and children who have fled and are staying in the country to attempt to defeat the Russians.

The man I am going to talk about today knows a lot about fighting for his country. He shall remain nameless as he doesn't need or want any recognition for what he is currently doing to spread hope for the people of Ukraine.

A local Maine man and ex-marine runs each day and he has now made his own Ukrainian flag and each day, he is going to run a 5k to spread awareness and hope for Ukraine by wearing the flag as he runs.


As you see by the photo this person is masked and holding the flag to show support. He did 3 tours in his military career.

I had the chance to speak with the hero and he said,

"I'm starting a group 5k a day.

Till this war ends I will not give up if it means I run all the way across America."

-Anonymous Marine

This is something that we all can do. It may seem small but it isn't. It only takes one person to express change and hope to others.

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