Dear Mainer,

I understand, let's begin with that. Inflation has been a huge bummer. It really does make me raging mad. However, you and I have to survive despite the raising costs, right?

We have to feed our babies and make sacrifices. Those of you out there that have 1 job understand that with one job, a family, a home, bills, and life, things are pretty tight as it is. But my friends with 2 jobs or maybe even 3, I sympathize, deeply.

The reason I am writing this to you is that I recently had a friend open up about her struggle simply trying to keep-up with the normality of life.

It's a very high bar to just "meet the norm." She has 5 children, a husband and between the two of them have 5 jobs! You should not have to have a job for each member of your kids.

She shared that she barely has time to wash her hair.

This goes for many Mainers, today. The pandemic was shocking and detrimental to the work force in a negative way for so many. People lost their jobs and had to start over.

I too work two jobs and have been doing that for some time now. I am a cleaning woman at a local business twice a week. At one point I was working three. I was working at a dispensary, cleaning, and this career.

Life was pretty savage at that point. I thought I could do it all. I couldn't, not if I wanted to be a human and not a zombie.

Did you know that more Americans are taking on multiple jobs because of this raging inflation? So many of us have had to tap into out savings just to get by.

But let's see if this is happening everywhere shall we? Let's drop in on Switzerland and see what their work-life is.

According to Prospects and Swiss Law,

the majority of workers can work for a maximum of 45 hours per week, although most people work a 40-hour week, Monday to Friday. All Swiss employees are entitled to at least four weeks paid holiday per year, and young people up to the age of 20 are entitled to five.

 Most people work 40 hours a week in Switzerland? Yes, I also just fell off my chair. I know that is regulated here in the public sector of the work force but most people I know also have a second job or side hustle.

I am writing this to remind you that whatever your circumstance is, however many jobs you have, you're doing a good job. Often times we don't sit back and look at our life and see the struggle because we are so busy working and providing.

I want you share that I understand it's hard to make time for yourself. But as a parent, you have to put the mask on first, right?

Carving out a little time in the day just to sit  and take stock in yourself and your strength will help.

This letter to you is a reminder, that you are strong. My friend reminded me that so many of us are killing ourselves just to get by and I feel like we should all be given awards. Most of us are so humble and don't need accolades, but I do want you to make sure you have self-care.

It's hard to meet the standards of what has been built up as the, "perfect life" and it's impossible to be in two places at once. But we are trying and I see you.

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