4th graders...parents of 4th graders...teachers of 4th graders…get outside and let the kiddos learn and enjoy nature for FREE! It's a free pass for ALL federal parks, lands and waters!  FREE!!!!

It is easy:

There you go!

Just a few details according to ‘Every Kind In A Park’ you need to print your pass and bring it with you when you visit. Electronic copies aren't accepted. The pass has a unique code. That means you can't copy it and give it to friends. But you can encourage your friends to get their own pass if they're in the fourth grade. AND yes…the program only provides passes for fourth graders.

Why only 4th graders?  Well, research shows that kids , 9 to 11, are beginning to learn about the world around them. They’re open to new ideas, and they are likely to connect to nature and history. They offer the pass to 4th graders every year so it is a chance for all kiddos a free pass to explore!

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