We've survived another winter and it's full steam ahead to summertime in Maine. We all know that the nice weather could change at any minute, but we can't get discouraged! A little rain shouldn't put a damper on our active summer fun.

These three ideas for active indoor fun will keep you going through those less-than-stellar summer days.

Salt Pump Climbing Co.

Take one of the intro to climbing courses and have full range of the rock gym, or drop in for bouldering (no harness) or auto-belay climbing. Rock climbing is a challenging, heart-pounding workout, no matter your skill level.

Urban Air Trampoline & Adventure Park

It's not just for kids! Bouncing around the trampoline park and attempting the obstacle courses is a super fun indoor pastime. You'll be sore the next day, in a good way.

GTFO Escape Room

This one will keep your brain active. The GTFO Escape Room has plenty of challenges and riddles to satisfy the clever brain. Make sure you grab some fudge when you bust out of the room... That's the F in GTFO.

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