The most remarkable thing about yesterday's huge chain reaction crash is that nobody was killed. The crash, caused by glare from the sun, started at about 7:37 yesterday morning, according to the Kennebec Journal. As we followed the story the number of vehicles involved began to climb to almost 60. Though as rescuers began assessing all of the damage the number fell back to around 30.

The crash originally started with seven cars crashing into each other. That initial crash is what set off the chain reaction. According to State Police Sargent, Bernard Brunette, who was one of the first on scene, vehicles continued to crash around him as he was assessing the initial scene. Another ten additional vehicles were involved in another crash near exit 174, including "several tractor trailers that struck other vehicles at full speed." Authorities said that almost every towing company in Bangor sent tow truck to the interstate to assist in cleaning up the wreckage. Remarkably, we got word from officials that the highway had reopened around 11:15, less than four hours from the initial crash.

LifeFlight of Maine was called in to transport one person in serious condition to a hospital, while thirteen others were taken to Eastern Maine Medical Center, all with injuries that were believe to be non-life threatening.


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