After a pretty disastrous first run back in 2001, the XFL is set to return to try and capitalize on America's love for Football. But it is not the same football you're used to. There will be some changes implemented that you'll need to see if you want to follow the game easier.

The biggest ones are:

1. Touchbacks will start at the 35 yard line- this is to get teams to actually return the ball, convincing kicking teams to try and kick to the players as opposed to out of bounds.

2. No extra point- instead of kicking for an extra point after a touchdown, there will be options of 1 point from the 2 yard line, 2 points from the 3 yard line, and a new 3 point option from the 10.

3. Overtime will be a shootout- both teams will have 5 plays from the 5 yard line in an attempt to score a touchdown on each one. Like a shootout in soccer or hockey.

4. Only one foot needs to be down for it to be a catch

You can see the complete list of new rules, here.

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