I get it, I really do. Everyone wants to be safe and everyone wants to remain employed and in business. It can be a tricky balancing act during a pandemic.

Here's my opinion.

Right now, Maine's Governor, who has lost a lot of popularity depending on who you ask, has invoked several executive orders about how the state's economy will reopen, and which businesses are essential enough to open first. Like pet grooming.

According to News Center, Maine public safety spokesman Steve McCausland said,"If someone has a complaint or sees a possible violation, they should call their local police department," McCausland says. "The governor's executive orders can be enforced by state, county, and local law enforcement. So if a person has a concern, that's who they should reach out to and law enforcement can take it from there."

Now, with multiple businesses popping up in the news for having violated some term or other of these executive orders, the administration wants you to physically call the police to report if you see a violation of these orders. While some states have created violation-reporting hotlines, Maine's officials request that you call your local and county law enforcement officials. They have been tasked with responding to these calls in addition to all of the other calls they take in a day.

First of all, it seems the administration doesn't even know what the finite details of all these rules, orders and phases are. How are we supposed to know if something isn't right or is a violation?

Second of all, I know at least for me, I'm not (whether I agree with them or not) going to call the police department to tattle on small business owners who are just trying to prevent from going under during these challenging times. It reminds me of elementary school when someone would stick their tongue out at you and you'd run off shouting "I'm telling!". That's just not my style.

Let me end this unintended rant by saying I don't envy the Governor, the state leaders or their staffers. I get it, these are uncharted waters in unseen times. It's not easy to navigate through this storm. But, is encouraging Mainers to tattle on the small businesses that keep this state's fiscal head above water the right thing to do? My opinion? No.

Be respectful, keep your distance and wash your hands. We can get through this, and we don't have to lose all our amazing small businesses in the process.

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