Nutty Buddy?  Honey Buns?  Oatmeal Creme Pies?  Christmas Tree Cakes?  Little Debbie tweeted out recently that one gotta go forever!  Which, has the great snack eaters of America in a panic.


Before you go out a stock up on your favorite must know, Little Debbie is NOT actually eliminating one of these items.  According to the TODAY show, the following statement was issued by Little Debbie:

"None of the products we listed on the Twitter post are in danger of going away," McKee Foods (Little Debbie's parent company) spokesperson Mike Gloekler told TODAY Food. "Our Little Debbie social media team thought it would be fun to get in on the #OneGottaGo Twitter meme, which asks a fairly tough question — if you had to live without one of four things you really love, which would it be?"

But, let's play along....

If you had to eliminate one, which would you choose?

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