'Tis the season for over ambitious Pinterest projects, am I right guys? Who hasn't spent countless hours of wine-sipping and DIY project-scrolling thinking, "Yeah, I could totally turn that old toilet into a classy wine rack!" If only you could find the supplies to complete your fantasy DIY projects...

These stores and businesses around Portland, Maine are the perfect place to find your DIY supplies. You'll find everything from old furniture, construction supplies, pallets, and hardware to create the perfect Pinterest inspired projects for spring.

ReStore (Habitat for Humanity of Greater Portland)

659 Warren Avenue, Portland

The Habitat for Humanity ReStore accepts donations of used building supplies and household items including furniture, kitchen cabinets, and even scrap wood and tools. Everything for sale is at a fraction of the retail cost and according to the Habitat for Humanity website, "Proceeds are used to help build strength, stability, self-reliance and shelter in local communities and around the world." The stock is constantly changing so pop in to pick up your supplies and do some good at the same time.


Portland Architectural Salvage

131 Preble Street, Portland

Are you looking for some high end antiques, hard to find doorknobs, or an assortment of stained glass? Portland Architectural Salvage has all that plus an enormous collection of other items. There's a whole floor filled with doors. Just a heads up, the prices here are exorbitant, but you might get lucky with some negotiation with whoever is running the ship that day.


Portland Flea-for-All

585 Congress Street, Portland

Think of the Portland Flea-for-All as a giant indoor yard sale. Since they've moved from their East Bayside location to a prime spot on Congress Street they have really stepped up their game with the displays and items in the store. This place is great for furniture and miscellaneous items like the wire bins and school flags in this photo.


Free Pallets at Paul G. White Warehouse & Commercial Offices

444 Riverside Industrial Park, Portland

Free pallets! I'm a casual Pinterester and even I know that you can build an impressive variety of things from pallets. The warehouse and commercial offices of Paul G. White in Portland proudly post their sign on the side of the road. Go snag your pallets and start working on those reclaimed wood accent walls, living room ottomans, and creative wall gardens.

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