Maine has ALOT of good places to eat. But some of the best places to grab a bite to eat are sometimes the places you might not ever consider. Check out my list of some interesting places to grab some great grub.  Taste tested by me! 

LL Bean 1912 Café in Freeport.  This is located in LLBean’s flagship store in Freeport. Yes, we have said…’Let’s go to Beans for lunch’.  Sounds odd but eat there once and it will make sense to you too.  Fresh, tasty and yes I can even find vegan offerings.

Cross Center in Bangor.  If you are headed to an event at the Cross Center and thinking about where you are going to eat before, you might want to rethink that. I was there last week and they make the BEST baked potato stuffed with yummy stuff EVAH! No photo…we ate it too fast.

MaineGeneral Cafeteria in Augusta. Yes. I go TO the hospital for the food. Great choices, the places is nice inside and out and it is super affordable…what is not to love?

Where is the oddest place you have scored a tasty treat?

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