As you may have read, I recently published a story about how the Moxie Festival in coming back to Livermore after a two year hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Now the big question is….will there be any Moxie to be found at the Moxie festival.  Moxie has been in short supply for the past few years.

When people do find it in stores, they grab as much as they can since they don’t know when they may see it again.

According to a report by the Village Soup, Coke Northeast, who produces Maine’s favorite beverage admitted there is a Moxie shortage, but wanted to assure people that there are no plans to discontinue the soda.

The company said they take multiple phone calls and respond to a bunch of emails every day from people who are scared that the beloved Moxie has been discontinued. They have even been made aware there is an online petition to keep the Moxie brand alive.

They just want to reassure everyone that they have to prioritize production and Moxie is a specialty product in their line so it is only produced at certain intervals.

According to the report, a senior director at Coke Northeast indicated that they have finally received some Moxie concentrate this week and has begun resuming production last week. They went on to say.. “We have heard Moxie fans loud and clear and are doing everything in our power to get and keep Moxie on store shelves,”

We should start seeing it back on shelves soon, possibly as early as this weekend.

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