Mt Washinton, New Hampshire. 6,288 feet high. One a clear day you can see as far as 130 miles to Maine, Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, Quebec, and the Atlantic Ocean.

The Auto Road up to the top is a scary but a wicked fun and beautiful trip. Of course, if it's a mountain, then people have to see how quickly they can walk, run, bike, and drive up to the summit.

Here are the records for getting to the top according to the fine folks at the Mt Washington Auto Road


Men: In 2004 Jonathan Wyatt ran up in 56 min and 41 seconds. Incredible!

Women: In 2010 Shewarge Amare ran it in 1 hour and minutes. Wowzers! That's uphill the whole way by the way.


Men: in 2002 Thomas Danielson biked up in 49 min and 24 seconds.

Women: In 2000 Jeannie Longo pedaled to the top in 58 minutes.



In 2017 Travis Pastrana drove a Subaru Impreza WRX STi to the top in 5 minutes 44.72 seconds. Pretty amazing considering that's a hairy drive just going 10 miles an hour up! I hope Travis got the "This Car Climbed Mt Washington" bumper sticker!

Check out the video here:



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