You're familiar with what a palindrome is, right? It's one of those silly things we learn early in our school career. Mom, dad, racecar, 11, 22, 33... you get it. A Palindrome is a word, number or phrase that is the exact same forward as it is backwards.

Well, according to WABI TV 5 (because I certainly didn't think of this on my own) we go into 10 straight days of consistent calendar palindromes. Call me a skeptic, but I had to write all of this out by hand and confirm the report. Call me your palindrome fact checker! Okay, please don't do that. Anyway, let's review the next ten dates and see if we have success, shall we?

1-21-21 - Yup!

1-22-21- You betcha

1-23-21- Damn skippy!

1-24-21- Sure is!

1-25-21- Yessiree Bob!

1-26-21- Seems to be!

1-27-21- Yessah, bub!

1-28-21- Still going strong...

1-29-21- Coming to an end...

1-30-21- No... This is not a palindrome.

So there you have it, folks. Ten days of palindromes for the middle of January. Isn't this wicked cool? Actually, no, it's not really that cool. But, when you figure that everything else in the news or being reported over the last year has had some kind of negative undertone to it, I thought this would be something neat to talk about that wasn't political or COVID-y in nature. Enjoy your palindrome days friends.

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