As we progress through the pandemic, and all the awfulness associated with it, most of us are just trying to take it day-by-day.  Sometimes, however, that really is not as easy as it sounds.  Full disclosure, I stumbled across a news story early today that nearly made me break down in tears (out of anger and stress).  Well, if you've reached that breaking point, there is an alternative - Just Scream!

According to WMTW, an elementary school teacher, who loves working on side projects where people are allowed to leave phone messages, created a hotline that does nothing but allow people to scream into their phones.

Even if you do not need to scream (yet), you can still take advantage of the hotline's website, if you love listening to other people scream, that is.  You see, each scream is recorded and then uploaded to the website for other people to listen to.

It sounds like creator Chris Gollmar may have underestimated how popular the site would be.  He said there is currently a backlog of 40,000 calls that need to be added to the site.

Why did creator Chris Gollmar make the site?  When asked, he said he:

thought it would be funny and unique to create a phone line just for screaming.

You can call Just Scream at 1.561.567.8431 and listen to the screams HERE

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