According to CNN, a second round of stimulus checks, if it does happen, could look a lot different than the first round.

Over 160 million people got stimulus money in the first round, there's a good chance that significantly fewer could be entitled to a stimulus check during the second round.

In the first round, which came out in March and was based on income, each adult got $1,200 and each child received $500.  So, for example, a family of four (who met the income eligibility requirements) would get $3,400.

According to research done by a Harvard-based team of economists called Opportunity Insights, the checks were far less effective at stimulating the economy than they could have been.  Their research found that, for lower income people and those who had lost their jobs, $1,200 was not enough.  On the other hand, those who were better off or kept their jobs, frequently chose to bank their stimulus instead of spending it.

They point out that those in the middle class would, in the middle of a pandemic, be less likely to venture out in public to spend that money at stores or restaurants.  So, with the exception of online purchases, the more well-to-do just held on to the money they were given.

Lower-income people (and those who had lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic) did spend their money, but it mostly went to bills, food, and other necessities.

Because of this, there is a good chance that a second round of stimulus money could be a lot more "targeted".  In other words, the income requirements could be tightened.  In the first round, you could make nearly $100,000 per year before you became ineligible.  Additionally, part of a second round could end up going directly to those who are currently unemployed.

In the end, we'll have to wait to see what those in Washington D. C. end up approving.

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